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About Made by Mama



Our adventure started in 2012, when we took the chance and changed a hectic life in a suburb in Denmark with a more peaceful life on a beautiful Tuscan hillside. Here we met an Italian couple who shared our passion for food and gastronomy. Based on the joint interest we began a pet project, which later in 2017 became Made by Mama as it exists today.

Today, Anna is running the company with the help from her husband Morten and a solid network of people.

Made by Mama is about love and passion, quality and originality, about respect and craftsmanship. And about realizing dreams.

The Brand

There is a mama behind everyting

The brand Made by Mama is a tribute to the best of Italy and symbolizes the core of our business: There is a person behind it all, in this case a Mama.

Each product has been selected over the last 5 years, uncompromisingly focusing on quality and Italian passion.

It is our mission to bring that quality and passion directly to our customers' homes.




We only sell products we have produced. Or products made by producers we know and can vouch for - producers who share our passion for only the very best raw materials.

Behind each and every product are artisans who have a burning passion for their craft. From Marco who makes our cutting boards to our small parmesan and balsamic vinegar producers. Every product you find at Made by Mama has a unique and personal story behind it. We know the people who have slung the honey, harvested the good olives and woven the baskets.

For exactly this reason, most items are in limited and finite supply: if we do not have more olive oil, well, then there isn't any until next year. 


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