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Chestnut honey, 400gr.

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Micro-produced honey from nature’s own pantry. We truly feel we live in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world. So what could be more natural than bring you the 100 % organic honey from our neighbor Loris Pellegrinis, which is produced in his little beehives among the acacia trees right here on our mountain.
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The chestnut produces a dark, flowing, spicy honey. Vi use it on bread, with cheese – especially goat’s cheese – and for meat marinades. Or drizzles over vegetables about to go in the oven to give them a touch of caramel sweetness. It doesn’t get more local than this. Loris, our honey producer, has his beehives in woods and olive groves around our area. The beehives stand entirely undisturbed, far from people and traffic. Loris has gather honey for a lifetime and together with his sons he brings it home, where it is slung and bottled.