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Parmesanknife with handle in olive wood

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A great parmesan can be eaten by itself. In Northen Europe it is often only grated over pasta, salad or risotto, but in Italy is is also eaten as antipasto, where it is broken with a parmesan knife. The handle is beautiful olive wood. Stick the knife into the parmesan, break pieces off and enjoy along with a glass of good wine. The knife is 13 cm long.
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In Maniago, just north of Venice, we found our producer of little cheese and butter knives. Maniago has for centuries maintained a traditional knife production. The town has easy access to both iron and water and it is likely that the production stretches all the way back to Roman times. Maniago is know today as the knife town; and through a love of the craft, the production of knives has been elevated to an artform.