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Slate Dish, long

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Italian slate hand-polished by Alberto. Slate is a very hard natural material which makes it excellent for preparation and as a decorative accent. Leather is attached underneath which makes it soft to the touch and stable on the table. Theserving dish is 35 cm long, 12 cm across and is 1.7 cm high.
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Alberto grew up near Prato. His father died when he was nine years old, leaving Alberto with his mother and brother. In those circumstances, Alberto had to find a work to support the family when he finished school at 15. Alberto’s father had been a mason and through his old friends, he got an apprenticeship with Vasco as a marmista (Italian for the resident marble worker). Vasco took Alberto under his care and taught him everything about stone and marble. That created a strong bond between the two men and Alberto worked with Vasco for 23 years. When Vasco died, Alberto became the master. Alberto compared working with marble to cooking; the potential, color, shape of what you will create depends entirely on the stone you have in your hand.