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Spaghetti, 1kg

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Spaghetti, ikonet for det italienske køkken og 1 meter lange – har du nogensinde set det? Det havde vi ikke, på trods af vores mange kulinariske oplevelser her i støvlelandet. Derfor ville vi have denne spaghetti! Den er i top kvalitet og håndindpakket. Spaghetti passer til mange opskrifter – for eksempel med citronolie og friskkværnet peber eller den enkle klassiker med hvidløg, chili og god olivenolie, der kan betegnes som nationalretten i det italienske køkken.

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The best pasta in Italy – if you ask us. We moved to Italy thinking “pasta is pasta”. Having lived here for years now, we have learned that nothing could be further from the truth. Partnering with perhaps Italy’s best pasta producer Chelucci, we have put together our own assortment of pasta. We met Giuseppe Chelucci precisely as he had returned from a trip to Germany. He had been invited as part of the German national day celebrations and asked to prepare and serve his sublime pasta at the formal dinner at the Italian embassy. The Italian culinary tradition is represented by pasta. Pasta is a gastronomical monument that comes in all shapes and sizes. Pasta is made with egg, water and flour and pairs with fish, meat, game, vegetables and much, much more! Despite all the variance within pasta, all Italians agree on one unspoken rule: When the pasta is served, everything else can wait. Knowing this, we felt it was a must to make a pilgrimage to Chelucci’s pasta factory, which has produced the highest quality of pasta for over 100 years and is currently in the process of passing on the tradition to its third generation.