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Terms and Conditions



When you place an order

When you have placed an order in Made By Mamas webshop our system will automatically send you an order confirmation and receipt of purchase to your email.


Payment takes place concurrently with the product shipment and can be done using VISA, Mastercard or other credit cards supported by Epay. The payment information is sent under encruption and is secured by Epay. Your card will only be debited once your products ship.

Order processing and shipment

All orders are typically processed and shipped within 1-3 business days.

Orders are sent through our shipping partner MailboxETC using UPS as the primary logistics suppliers.

Shipping is waived on orders over 500 Danish Kroner. For orders under 500 Danish Kroner shipping costs are a flat fee of 99 Danish Kroner. The typical delivery time is 3-4 business days after the products ship.

We offer expedited shipping with delivery guaranteed in 1-2 business days. The price hereof is subject to charge and will be noted on the invoice at the time of order placement.

Return/exchange policy

You have the right to returns for 14 days on any of your purchases with us.

The deadline for returns expires 14 days after you have received your products. If your products from a single order have been shipped separately, the 14 day returns period for the entire order will not commence until you have you have received your last product from that order.

Specifically, the deadline is for notifying us that you wish to make a return. This email can be sent to or by using the return template, which you can find at the bottom of the Terms & Conditions. You cannot return the products by simply refusing to accept delivery without have given written notice hereof.

Partial returns

If you bought multiple product under one order, you can return one or several as part of a return. Please note that shipping costs will not be refunded as part of your return.

Return shipping

When you have notified us of your intention to return a product, you have 14 days to ship this back to us. Please note that you must pack for the return shipping and cover insurance for the loss or damage of the product while being returned.

Rerturn policy exceptions

The following purchases cannot be returned/exchanged:

Products which can reasonably be known to be perishable or have a short shelf life.

Sealed products which for health or sanitary reason are not suitable for return, provided that the seal has been broken after delivery.

Product condition for returns

If the product has lost value and this has occurred by its use other than that required to establish its nature, properties and functionality, you will only be entitled to a partial refund. The final amount will be subject to the market value of the product based on its conditions and will in some case mean that only shipping costs can be refunded.

We recommend shipping products back in their original packaging. If the original packaging is missing it may result in a loss of value of the product.


You will be issued a refund for your purchased when you return the products. If the product has lost some value we will make the corresponding deduction from the refunded amount.

We will refund all payments received, including shipping costs (excluding any premium paid for faster shipping than our standard shipping policy), no later than 14 days from the when we received your message letting us know your intent to return the product. We will issue the refund to the same method of payment which was originally used unless otherwise agreed.

We may withhold the payment until we have received the product, unless you can provide documentation for its return shipment.

The products can be sent to:
Made by Mama
Fredericiagade 57A, st.
1310 Copenhagen K


Made by Mama
Via Provinciale Lucchese 135
51030 Serravalle Pistoiese (PT)

We will only receive packages sent directly to these addresses.

Consumer rights

When you shop with us you are protected by Danish Law and its regulations for commerce. That means you have 24 months to present a claim or complaint for a purchase.

If your claim is valid, it means that you are entitled to have the product repaired, exchanged, refunded or be given a price reduction, depending on the circumstances of the situation.
You must claim within a reasonable time after discovering the deficiency. This criteria will be satisfied if you present your claim within two months of discovering the deficiency.

If your claim is valid we will refund your reasonable shipping costs. The product must be sent in secure packaging. Remember to get a receipt for your shipping costs so these can be refunded to you.

The products can be sent to:

Made by Mama
Fredericiagade 57A, st.
1310 Copenhagen K


Made by Mama
Via Provinciale Lucchese 135
51030 Serravalle Pistoiese (PT)

We will only receive packages sent directly to these addresses. When you return the product, we ask that you include a note describing the problem/deficiency..

Personal data protection policy

We need the following information when you shop with us: Name, address, phone number and email. We only save and use the personal data information that is required for us to deliver your product to you.

Personal data is saved by Made By Mama ApS and is kept on file for five years after which it is deleted.

We do not partner with any 3rd parties who receive or store data. Any vendors exclusive receive this information on our behalf and may not use them for any other purposes. We only use software and data storage provider from the EU or any country that sufficiently protect your information.

The person responsible for data security with Made by Mama is Partner and Board Member Morten Hassing-Kjær. You have a right to be told which information we have saved pertaining to you. If you feel that this information is incorrect you have the right to have these corrected. In some instances, you are entitled to have your information deleted upon request. This could for instance be if your data is no longer applicable to the purpose for which we had saved them. You can also contact us if you feel your personal data has been used in violation of existing laws. You can write to us at

Consumer complaints

If you wish to file a complaint regarding your purchase, please contact If you are not satisfied with the solution proposed you can file a formal complaint with:

Center for Klageløsning
Nævnenes Hus
Toldboden 2
8800 Viborg

If you live in another EU country than Denmark, you may file your complaint with the online complaint portal of the EU Commission here -

Terms and conditions updated 26.02.2018

Standard returns template

You print or copy the below or retrieve our standard returns template at

This form should be filled in for products which can be returned and sent to:

Made by Mama
Fredericiagade 57A, st.
1310 Copenhagen K


Made by Mama ApS
VAT. DK38538098

Contact by telephone

(+45) 71 999 710