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Trufflecream made from white truffles, 80gr.

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We’ve pined for great truffle products, but after much sampling we were recognizing that they were hard to find. So there was great joy, when we met Laura and Fillippo at a truffle festival and tasted their amazing products. Tatufina Bianca is a delicate, creamy white truffle paste. Ideal on bread as snack or appetizer.
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In the heart of Tuscany, in the picturesque medieval town of San Miniato, you may find the much sought after white truffles. Once you have tasted the white truffle, there is no going back! We met Laura and Filippo Gemignani at the truffle festival in San Miniato in the fall of 2014. They own one of the most renowned truffles businesses and during the season employ more than 80 truffle hunters. We have partnered with Laura and Filippo to bring you our favorite products, specially made for Made by Mama.